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Topics we cover in our curriculum

Lesson content created by an Award Winning Teacher.

  • Healthy Body

    Our healthy body theme is about making the link between physical activity and how it keeps our bodies fit and healthy.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Our healthy lifestyle theme is about how we can keep ourselves fit, healthy and happy during our everyday lives.

  • Healthy Mind

    Our healthy mind theme is about how we can look after our mindset in different situations.

  • Healthy Me

    Our healthy me theme is about focusing on the individual pupil and how they can be determined or show leadership.

  • Personal Challenges

    Our personal challenges are all about allowing pupils to solve problems in different environments.

  • LivWell Mix

    Our Livwell mix theme is a combination of our favourite lessons from across all our themes.

Ofsted & Department for Education

Supporting schools to meet the outcomes of the
new Ofsted Framework 2020 for Personal Development.

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What do you get with LivWell?

LivWell teaching resources and training support every school and every teacher with pupil health and wellbeing.

  • Lesson plans

    Over 100 lesson plans, teaching aids and videos to provide stimulating curriculum content.

  • Impact Reports

    Access whole school, class and children's reports in real-time to support pupils progress.

  • Training

    Mental Health First Aid qualification included within pricing. Plus additional programme training.

  • Staff Wellbeing

    Ideas, tips and activities on ways to keep staff happy and motivated at work.

Stimulating curriculum content and training to support pupil health and wellbeing – discover more today!