Start tracking pupils emotional state and wellbeing by using class surveys. You can run pre and post surveys to measure impact. 

The survey will ask the children a series of questions testing emotional responses and support class teachers to assess children’s mental health and wellbeing. 

The data can be used to support further interventions or signposting if necessary. 

Running a survey

Before you add your survey results into the system the survey will need to be completed with each child manually. 

The PDF copy of survey can be located when you select my class then run survey

Once all children have completed the survey the results will need to be added.



  1. From the dashboard navigate to the My Class tab.
  2. Click on the view button to see your class list.
  3. Now click on the button far right; run survey.
  4. Select either pre or post survey.
  5. Add in survey results for each child.
  6. Finish by clicking submit survey.



The survey results can now be downloaded as a PDF by clicking on the pupil tracking tab and then select the report.